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Alloy Valves and Controls is a valve and flow measurement manufacturer dedicated to producing equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards. Our sales and engineering staff have over 100 years of experience in flow control. We are continuously advancing and developing our current products, as well as expanding our product range. AVCO’s knowledge and commitment to customer service have been the objective since our inception and the catalysts for our growth.


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Since our inception in 1958, Check-All Valve has expanded from producing one valve with one material to manufacturing a series of valves in a wide range of materials. Many companies manufacture check valves in addition to other product lines; however, Check-All Valve is dedicated solely to the design and manufacture of spring loaded check valves.

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Jomar Valve is a leading supplier of innovative valves and component solutions to industries across North America.
Jomar’s diverse products support a wide variety of plumbing, industrial, utility, HVAC, and process control applications.

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