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Safety valves for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries that meet all the relevant standards and regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE.

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Sanitary Rupture Disc


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Blancett has earned the trust of food producers around the world, with a flow meter that offers the high accuracy and high standards that food and beverage processors demand. Today the Blancett Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter is used in a variety of such applications, including dairy and other foods requiring pasteurization, chocolate, ketchup, and even wine. Food producers can depend on Blancett flow meters.

3-A Sanitary Turbine Flow Meter

Model B2800 Flow Monitor


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CheckAll Valve currently offers 3 Sanitary Check valves, Model SCV, 3SC, and SIV.  The Check-All style 3SC check valve is compliant with 3A Sanitary Standards for Vacuum Breakers and Check Valves for Milk and Milk Products, Number 58-01. Among other requirements, this is a standard that requires a 32 Ra finish and specified groove angles and depths, all for sanitary purposes. Consult the factory if finer surface finishes are required.


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The AVCO 2100 series ball valve is a sanitary/clean valve ideal for use in the biotech, pharmaceutical and high purity industries


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The Jomar A9500 series, 316L, sanitary butterfly valves are available 1” through 6”.



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Sanitary pressure gauges, thermometers, RTD’s, and thermowells are found in just about every food and beverage processing plant you’ll find.


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Pulsair Systems is the leading provider of industrial pneumatic mixing and blending equipment for liquid food products.


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UET XCEL-Flo Plus sanitary mixers are efficiently designed for CIP operations in pharmaceutical, food, bottling, packaging, cosmetic and dairy plants to improve productivity and lower cost.  They are ideal in facilities whenever extreme moisture from cleaning or washdown is a concern or where sanitary conditions are requited.


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The Elima-Matic® sanitary pump has been designed to the 3A Sanitary Standards for Air or Hydraulically Driven Diaphragm Pumps for Milk and Milk Products, Number 44-01. Available in 1-1/2″ and 2″ sizes, sanitary pumps are available with the Versa-Sense leak detection system, which protects the product from contamination in the event of a diaphragm failure.