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Neptune Mixer Company manufactures portable top entering propeller mixers. Please view the complete line of portable mixers below.


Neptune Mixer Company offers a complete line of Bung-Entering Drum Mixers. Two styles for water-like solutions use a folding propeller for the mixer. Neptune Mixer Company has two styles (Series H & HGS) for viscous fluids use permanent blades and are offered in higher horsepowers. All Neptune Bung-Entering Drum Mixers fit through the standard 2-in. Bung on 55-gallon drums

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Pulsair Systems manufactures high quality liquid tank mixing equipment that is customized to meet the needs and applications of our mixing customers. Our industrial tank mixing equipment allows our customers to mix, blend and agitate faster, using less energy making it the fastest and most efficient mixing process in the world. Puslair’s air mixing solutions are available in a wide range of models and styles to suit our customers unique liquid mixing requirements regardless of the tank size, geometry and fluid characteristics.

For over 25-years, Pulsair Systems has custom engineered and built powerful pulse air mixing systems for any size tank, vessel or tank farm resulting in faster mixing times, lower production costs and increased efficiency for our customers. Pulsair offers a complete line of mixers for 55-gallon drum mixing, IBCs/tote mixers, rail tank car and large tank mixing. It is the versatility, durability and high quality mixing results of Pulsair’s tank mixing systems that so many companies worldwide have come to rely on for their mixing, blending and agitation needs.

Pulsair’s pulsed air mixing solutions are successfully used in many different applications such as petroleum, wastewater treatment, bio-diesel, asphalt, chemical mixing, food & wine, potable water storage tank, oil & gas production and much more. The tank mixing process is well suited for keeping heavy solids is suspension and mixing heavy viscous fluids.

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UET Mixers offers custom mixer designs to meet virtually all customer conditions and requirements. UET can provide all forms of mixing including blending to dispersion. We’ll work together to completely analyze conditions starting from labratory tests, to Pilot then select the correct components and documentation for full production scale.


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