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Blancett manufactures a variety of rugged flow meters and flow measurement accessories including flow monitors, frequency-to-current/frequency-to-voltage output converters, and k-factor scalers. Blancett offers flow measurement solutions for applications with fluid flows up to 5,000 GPM (171,000 BPD), pressures up to 5,000 psi (345 bar) and temperatures to 350 °F (177 °C). Blancett products typically include:

High-performance materials of construction: 316L and CD4CMU stainless steel, tungsten carbide

Hazardous area or explosion-proof certifications for industrial and petrochemical installations

Easy-to-operate electronics

Customized features for unique applications

Compatibility, retrofit capability with other manufacturers

Calibration to NIST-traceable standards

Flow Meters (including turbines, positive displacement and impeller-type)

Flow Monitor

Electronic Accessories (including k-factor scalers, F-to-I/F-to-V converters, magnetic pick-ups)

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FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.) has manufactured and designed flow, level and display systems since 1988 with one simple concept in mind; provide a measuring system that will have unsurpassed value for our customers. FLO-CORP has decades of experience in flow, level and display. This experience encompasses both the design and manufacturing aspects of instrumentation as well as sales engineering and field support.

Flow Meters

Flow Switches

Flow Monitors

Level Transmitters

Level Switches

Level Monitors

Level Controllers

Universal Process Displays

Display Accessories

Wireless Monitoring







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level indicators series no 40000 41000


Series No. 40000 / 41000

Protectoseal Series Nos. 40000 / 41000 Liquid Level Indicators are used for accurate liquid level gauging of fixed roof tanks storing oil, water, solvents and other products. The units are designed for simple, easy installation for “tanks-in-service” or “tanks-out-of-service” and to provide a maximum of trouble-free service. They are especially recommended for applications that require a low cost, low maintenance method of liquid level gauging. Series 40000 / 41000 Indicators are float-actuated, and have a steel target that runs up and down a calibrated board to register the tank liquid contents level. The board is mounted outside of the tank and has bold, legible markings to permit quick, convenient readings.

automatic tank gauge


 Series No. 42000B

Protectoseal Series No. 42000B Automatic Tank Gauge provides high    gauging accuracy in measuring liquid level in all type of low pressure cone roof, floating roof and underground tanks. They help prevent vapor loss and reduce the time needed for taking readings. The float-operated gauges are compact and have large, legible numerals which permit quick, accurate readings of the displayed liquid level. The gauges may be used on tanks up to 65′ high and for pressure ranges up to 50 PSIG. Easy to install, they can be conveniently mounted at the top of the tank or mounted at the side of the tank for ground reading. Float movement activates a negator spring motor that rotates the liquid level indicating wheels to their appropriate positions in the viewing