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 tank blanketing valvesTANK BLANKETING VALVES

Tank Blanketing Valves provide an effective means of preventing and controlling fires in flammable liquid storage tanks. Vapors cannot be ignited in the absence of an adequate supply of oxygen. In most instances, this oxygen is provided by air drawn into the tank from the atmosphere during tank emptying operations.

Tank Blanketing Valves are installed with their inlet connected to a supply of pressurized inert gas (usually Nitrogen), and their outlet piped into the tank’s vapor space. When the tank pressure drops below a predetermined level, the blanketing valve opens and allows a flow of inert gas into the vapor space. The blanketing valve reseals when pressure in the tank has returned to an acceptable level. The blanketing gas contains no air. No supply of air (Oxygen) is allowed to enter the tank. The vapors, therefore, never form a flammable mixture.

Tank Blanketing Valves help maintain the vapor space in a non-flammable condition, and also provide make-up gas to insure that the tank’s vapor space is not subjected to a vacuum.




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Ntron Process Inerting Control Systems (ICS)

Incidents involving flammable processes claim lives, damage equipment, halt production, and cost companies millions of dollars each year. Ntron Process Inerting Control Systems can help manufacturers avoid these losses.

The Neutronics ICS controls Oxygen on the basis of a real-time measurement, making it the only direct-measurement method available for preventing process flash fires and explosions.

By continuously measuring oxygen levels and adding inert gas to the process only when necessary, Ntron ICS increases safety margins while reducing waste venting of Nitrogen and solvents. The savings can be significant. Ntron ICS uses up to 60% less inert gas than continuous flow, timed-volume, and pressurization inerting techniques.

Often when a chemical process is purged with inert gas, large amounts of VOCs are vented, which drives up the cost of scrubbing or incinerating the waste gas, as required by the EPA. By purging as needed only, the Ntron ICS reduces VOC emissions.

Ntron offers complete stand-alone and transmitter-based systems for controlling inert gas purging.