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Ntron Ambient Gas MonitorsNtron provides a comprehensive line of gas detection devices, designed to safeguard against a wide range of industrial gas hazards associated with confined space entry, chemical processing and handling, packaging, waste processing, oil & gas production and refining, and Food & Beverage manufacturing.Fixed and portable instruments are available, capable of detecting a wide range of toxic gases, VOCs, flammable gases, C02, and O2. Ntron’s fixed detection systems include single and multiple-point configurations. We offer portable gas analyzers capable of monitoring up to four gases simultaneously. A variety of gas monitoring system accessories are also available.

Ntron Ambient Gas Monitoring Systems & Accessories:

Model MGT3 – Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector

Model MGT9 – All-in-One Explosion Proof Gas Detector & Controller

Model SCA – All-in-One General Purpose Gas Controller

Model MCA – Multi-Channel Analyzer

Model PGA – Intrinsically Safe Portable Gas Monitor




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ENERAC analyzers incorparate the best technology available. For over 30 years, the engineers at ENERAC have been desiging the most advanced combustion analyzers and emissions monitoring systems.


1. Advanced SEM Electrochemical Sensors

2. Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR) Sensors


Enerac analyzers are housed in an aluminum case that is rugged yet light-weight. Some of our customers have been using their ENERAC analyzer for 20 years or more!


Our newest analyzers, the model 500 and the model 700, offer power with flexibility. They come equipped with NiMH rechargeable cells for day-to-day operation, but can also be powered from standard AA-size (Model 500) or D-size (Model 700) alkaline cells. The AC adapter charges the battery and can power the unit continuously.

Data Interface


Connect the ENERAC to your computer, notebook, or PocketPC handheld.

* Standard Serial Communication (RS-232) from serial port connector (DB9).

* USB to RS-232 adapter available (For new notebooks without serial ports)

* Bluetooth wireless gives you the freedom to monitor and control your ENERAC remotely from your Palm or PocketPC device.

PC Software

Enercom for Windows allows you to monitor, record, and control one or more ENERAC analyzers from your PC. Enercom can draw graphs charts that facilitate reports and presentations. Our Fuel-Calculator software computes annual savings you can obtain by maintaining your efficiency with an ENERAC analyzer.

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