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FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.) has manufactured and designed Flow, Level and Display systems since 1988 with one simple concept in mind; provide a measuring system that will have unsurpassed value for our customers. FLO-CORP has decades of experience in flow, level and display. This experience encompasses both the design and manufacturing aspects of instrumentation as well as sales engineering and field support.

FLO-CORP (Flow Line Options Corp.) is committed to providing properly selected and configured flow, level, and display products with a focus on innovation and customer service.  In 1988, FLO-CORP was incorporated in the State of Ohio and started as a small distribution company.  In the last five years, FLO-CORP has moved past distribution and into manufacturing our own line of products.  Through manufacturing, we have gained more control over origin of product, quality, and lead times.  Furthermore, FLO-CORP now has creative control in the development of new products.  We can focus on adding the functionality and features that will best serve our customers.  FLO-CORP’s management of quality, lead times, and innovation come together allowing us to provide more product value to our customers.  We remain committed to personal customer interaction, where help can still be found without hearing an automated phone system.  The FLO-CORP family is dedicated to working hard for our customers by using over three decades of combined experience in Flow, Level, and Display.

Product Range:


PR Electronics





PR electronics is a consolidated, international company with its headquarters in Jutland Denmark. The company’s core expertise is the production of high quality analogue and digital signal conditioning modules.

Product range

The product range covers a wide variety of functions within signal conditioning such as displays, Ex barriers, field mounted Ex transmitters, frequency/pulse converters, trip amplifiers, isolation amplifiers, calculators, controllers, signal converters, power supplies, temperature transmitters, valve controllers, etc. All functions are grouped into five main product lines:


The display series from PR electronics is characterized by its flexibility and stability. The user can handle the configuration himself via PC, dipswitches or directly at the display front, if the display is not configured from factory according to customer requirements. Operating parameters such as limit values, relay postponement, scaling and placement of commas can also be changed by use of these tools.

I.S. Interfaces

Intrinsic safety, I.S., interfaces are implemented between the process sensors and the major control system. The transmitted signal from the I.S. interfaces can be analogue, digital or HART®.

PR electronics’ I.S. interfaces are marketed worldwide and designed to meet the terms of the strictest international standards from the process industry. Thus, the modules for I.S. signal conditioning comply with both American and European standards.


Our 2200- and 5000A-series constitute a complete range of isolators covering the entire spectrum within signal isolation. The patented STREAMSHIELD principle is integrated in the 5000A-series and ensures high immunity against e.g. conducted noise, transients and burst.


PR electronics’ temperature transmitters cover every application within transmission of RTD and TC sensor signals into mA, mV, HART, PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus communication.


The PReasy 4000 series is another example of reliable modules from PR electronics. PReasy is designed to achieve the optimally efficient process, and we have focused on the following 3 characteristics in order to meet user needs:

  • Universal – User-friendly – Reliable