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PR Electronics

PR electronics is a consolidated, international company with its headquarters in Jutland Denmark. The company’s core expertise is the production of high quality analogue and digital signal conditioning modules.

ProductsOur flexible product range is unique and covers more than 1,200 applications. The following are the most significant characteristics:

  • 5 years product guarantee
  • Product approvals: SIL, CE, UL, CSA, FM, ATEX, IECEx, Marine (DNV, GL), NEPSI, InMetro & GOST
  • Customer access to PC and switch configuration
  • Standard and Ex versions available in most product categories
  • Ex dust and gas approvals
  • Analogue, digital and bus communication
CompanyWhy PR electronics is the number one manufacturer of signal conditioning modules for the processing industry:

  • Day-to-day delivery also of custom-fitted modules
  • ATEX-, IECEx- & IEC 61508-certified
  • ISO 9001:2008- & ISO 14001:2004-certified
  • Global representation
  • 35 years of experience with signal conditioning in the processing industry
  • High level of service


Front key programmable LED indicator

The display series from PR electronics is characterized by its flexibility and stability. The user can handle the configuration himself via PC, dipswitches or directly at the display front, if the display is not configured from factory according to customer requirements. Operating parameters such as limit values, relay postponement, scaling and placement of commas can also be changed by use of these tools.
In the display-series the following are available:

  • 57xx: 4-digit LED, front key / pc programmable, 48×96 mm
  • 5531: 4-digit LCD instrument for Ex and standard applications, 48×96 mm

The 57xx series
These displays are so-called “Value for money” products due to their high quality and very competitive prices. In addition, the displays manage to meet almost every demand for display readout of process signals. The displays have universal input and supply capabilities and are thus unique compared to other displays at this price level. This distinctive also makes the 57xx-series an interesting module for private labels. Finally, the 57xx-modules are front programmable and have a tightness of IP65. In addition to this, the 5715 can be programmed via pc to perform advanced functions such as process calibration and linearization.

The 5531
This display is loop-powered and suitable for both I.S. and standard applications. As an I.S. variant the display can be installed in zone 0, 1 and 2. The visibility in darkness is a unique feature of this display due to the flexible setting of luminosity.

I.S. Interfaces

Ex repeater/
power supply




Intrinsic safety, I.S., interfaces are implemented between the process sensors and the major control system. The transmitted signal from the I.S. interfaces can be analogue, digital or HART®.

PR electronics’ I.S. interfaces are marketed worldwide and designed to meet the terms of the strictest international standards from the process industry. Thus, the modules for I.S. signal conditioning comply with both American and European standards.

ATEX is the name of a European directive concerning material for hazardous atmospheres. The I.S. interfaces are adapted to this directive and meet the demands of the EN 50014, EN 50020 and EN 50282-1-1. Thus, the I.S. interfaces are certified to function as associated equipment for potential hazardous atmospheres. According to the ATEX directive the I.S. interfaces from PR electronics can function in the following potential hazardous areas:

  • Group 2 (surface industry)
  • Zones: Zones 0, 1, 2 for inflammables gas, mists and vapors as well as Zones 20, 21, 22 for inflammable dust.

Furthermore, several of the I.S. interfaces are certified according to the UL 913 – the American I.S. standard. These modules can be used in connection with the following areas:

  • Class I, Division 1, Group A, B, C, D; Zone 0 & 1, Group II C (gas)
  • Class II, Division 1, Group E, F, G (dust)

The universal uniqueness of the 5000B-series offers the customer many concrete advantages:

  • Alarm functions for cable and sensor errors for process optimization.
  • Quick response time optimizing the process.
  • Technology making the I.S. earth connection unnecessary.
  • Transmission of HART® signals with high galvanic isolation.
  • Diagnosis via AMS function.


A backplane is the ideal choice where 4 or more devices are to be integrated in the same process panel and system 7300 gives you a wide range of options:

  • DSC-specific connectors
  • I.S. and standard devices
  • The standard connection allows integration with the following system vendors:
ABB AutomationAllen-BradleyEmersonFoxboroGE-Fanuc




Schneider Electric



S800ControlLogixDelta V / Delta V SISI/A series90-30 / 90-70 C I/O

Triconex TMR PLC

Melsec Q series

Modicon Quantum / Modicon Premium

S7 – 300

Centum CS3000-R3 / Prosafe

• Optional connection to fail-safe controller
The reduction of manual wiring is another obvious advantage of the backplane. The wiring from the control system to the signal conditioning devices is replaced with a multi cable with e.g. a 25-pole SUB D connector. Totally, the backplane replaces up to 56 wires.


Loop-powered isolator

A range of universal trouble-shooters

Our 2200- and 5000A-series constitute a complete range of isolators covering the entire spectrum within signal isolation. The patented STREAMSHIELD principle is integrated in the 5000A-series and ensures high immunity against e.g. conducted noise, transients and burst. The isolation modules handle the following functions:

  • Signal adaptation
  • Elimination of ground loops
  • Scaling of process values
  • Potential separation
  • Galvanic separation
  • Noise filtration

Easy configuration of the 5000A-series with PReset

Flexibility is one keyword for the 5000-series of signal isolators. Within a few minutes the modules are configured to the concrete application with the user-friendly PReset software or dipswitches. Consequently, the user has easy access to:

  • Inversion: When the relation between input and output is directly opposite. Example: A 4…20 mA input signal is inversed to 20…4 mA.
  • Signal scaling: If the focus area needs to be e.g. 4…8 mA the signal can be scaled.
  • Custom linearization: At e.g. measurement in cylindrical, horizontal tanks the incoming signal curve has to be changed every now and then. Thus, the linearization capability must be used to convert the 4…20 mA signal from a vertical level sensor to a volume linear signal.
  • Doubling: In some cases the conversion of an input signal to several output signals such as mA and V is appropriate. In signal isolators from PR electronics the doubled signals are galvanic protected.

2-wire transmitter with HART® protocol


PR electronics’ temperature transmitters cover every application within transmission of RTD and TC sensor signals into mA, mV, HART, PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus communication. The product range includes:

  • PRetrans 5100
  • PRetop 5300
  • PRetrans 6300
  • The 2200 series

PRetrans 5100, PRetop 5300 and PRetrans 6300

With the unique AUTOSWITCH, which automatically recognizes the protocol to which the transmitter is connected, these temperature transmitters can be integrated in both PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus systems.

  • The digital communication permits the user to carry out differential, redundancy and average measurements, PID regulation, diagnostics, etc.
  • The integrated calibration function allows set up of sensor error detection.
  • The transmitters are available for both standard and I.S. applications.
  • The transmitters are most flexible and configurable through PR electronics’ own PC program, PReset, or the common bus systems dependant on transmitter type.

PRetop 5350 and PRetrans 6350 

  • Bus transmitters compatible with the PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus protocols.
  • Level transmitters for Ohmic level sensors with potentiometers up to 100 kOhm with the standardized bus protocols PROFIBUS® PA and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus as output.
  • LAS function and PID are both integrated in the FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus transmitter.
  • PRetop 5350 and PRetrans 6350 are available as standard or I.S. versions.
  • PRetop can be mounted in DIN form B sensor head and is thus suitable for direct mounting at the measurement area.
  • The PRetrans 6350 is for DIN rail mounting and is thus appropriate for mounting in control room.

The 2200 series

A number of low-priced temperature transmitters each covering a specific application make up the 2200 series. Some transmitters are configured from factory; others can be programmed wholly or partly through DIP-switches or front/display.


4114, 4116

PReasy 4114, 4116 and 4131 with display / programming front 4501

The PReasy 4000 series is another example of reliable modules from PR electronics. PReasy is designed to achieve the optimally efficient process, and we have focused on the following 3 characteristics in order to meet user needs:

  • Universal – User-friendly – Reliable


In all aspects of the design PR electronics has focused on the universality of the 4000 series. Hence, the 4 product variants cover hundreds of applications, resulting in reduced stock as well as increased flexibility and competitiveness:

  •  Universal supply voltage of 21.6..253 VAC / 19.2..300 VDC.
  • Universal input module for the connection of mA, V, Pt100, TC, lin. R and potentiometer.
  • Universal programming by way of the display front 4501, which recognizes the module type in question and adapts the menu structure accordingly.


The communication between user and module is characterized by its simplicity and thus the configuration can be carried out without a detailed manual. The following features optimize the usability of the PReasy 4000 series:

  • The menu is easily understandable as the scrolling help text guides the user through all the configuration steps.
  • All configuration options can be selected from the display front without the need of a PC, DIP-switches, jumpers or special tools.


Product reliability has always been one of the key words at PR electronics. Securing customer processes also includes the elimination of potential risks in connection with e.g. mounting errors or general mishandling, which may occur in stressful situations. In addition to our usual 5-year product guarantee, the PReasy 4000 series integrates the following protection features:

  • 2.3 kVAC galvanic isolation between input, supply, relays and analog output.
  • Sophisticated sensor error detection with alarm function by way of the relays or the analog output.
  • Process simulation by way of the relays or the analog output.
  • 4114 and 4116 are suitable for SIL 2 applications.
  • FM-approved for installation in Div, 2.
  • The 4000 modules comply with UL 508, NAMUR 21 (burst), NE43 (sensor error) and LVD.

Easy configuration

The 4000 series can be delivered pre-configured from factory, but the display front provides access to advanced configuration directly in the process. Besides standard configuration of input, output and relays, the display front provides access to several other functionalities such as display configuration, process calibration, simulation mode function and much more.

Frequency / pulse

Programmable f/I-f/f converter

This product range from PR electronics is used to measure e.g. flow in the food industry and frequency on offshore oilrigs. This is the range of frequency and pulse modules:

The 2200 series

The 2255 and 2288 for DIN rail mounting with 11-pole socket constitute the 2200-series. The front key configurable 2255 is designed for f/I – f/f conversion. The functional module 2288 is specifically designed for pulse inversion and can be programmed via DIP-switches. Additionally, both modules are suitable for pulse stretching, so that the signal can be adapted to the PLC.

The 4000 series

The 4222 is a DIN rail mounted I/f converter which is programmed by way of the detachable programming interface 4501. The 4501 guides the user through all the configuration steps via scrolling help texts.

The 5000 series

The 5000 series consists of several universal frequency and pulse modules that can be configured in PR electronics’ own windows-based program PReset. The following modules are part of the 5000 series:

  • 5223A and 5225 are both universal, programmable f/I – f/f converters
  • 5225 is similar to 5223A apart from the concurrent f/I – f/f conversion function

The complete range of frequency and pulse modules is ideal for:

  • Speed measurement
  • Pulse division
  • Pulse stretching
  • Pulse inversion
  • Frequency generating
DC/AC Power supplies

Dual switchmode power supply

The range of power supplies consists of switch modes, a dual switch mode for ± supplies and a transformer for AC/DC supply voltage. All modules are for DIN rail mounting with 11-pole socket. The adjustable output both directly at the module and externally via potentiometer, thermal fuse and short circuit protection are among the unique features.

The modules cover the following supply voltages: 24, 110, 110, 120, 115, 230 VAC and 40 VDC.

The following products constitute PR electronics’ range of DC/AC power supplies. In brackets you can see the voltage output and maximum effect:

  • 2200 switchmode power supply (5…24 VDC/7 W)
  • 2222 switchmode power supply (15 or 24 VDC/48 W)
  • 2223 dual switchmode power supply (2 x 5…25 VDC)
  • 2229 switchmode voltage regulator (5…24 VDC/40 W)

2240 transformer (12 or 24 VAC/30VA)

Trip amplifiers

Trip amplifier

Trip amplifiers are a common part of safety systems in e.g. the maritime industry in which supervision of e.g. oil-fired steam boilers. Thus, the trip amplifiers observe the process, control the pumps and burner due to water level and steam pressure and sound the alarm at e.g. an inappropriate high or low water level. Naturally, boiler control is a safety question, and thus, the trip amplifiers must be very reliable and precise.

The comprehensive range of trip amplifiers from PR electronics:

2200 series

The 2200 series for mounting in DIN rail with 11-pole socket consists of one single and one dual trip amplifier covering mA, mV, A, Hz, and Pt100 temperature input as well as relay, mA and V output. Additionally, the modules offer increasing, decreasing, hold and/or window relay functions. Depending on the module the configuration is carried out by means of front keys or knobs.

The 4000 series

The trip amplifier 4131 for DIN rail mounting is a dual trip amplifiers with access to mA, A, V, Pt/TC temperature, potentiometer and lineare resistance input plus relay output. This module has integrated sensor error detection and relay function in addition to increasing, decreasing and window relay functions. Configuration is carried out via the display / programming front 4501.

The product range within trip amplifiers are used for alarm and control of:

  • DC signals
  • AC signals
  • Frequency alarm
  • Speed control
  • Temperature signals
Special functions

Signal calculator

The broad product range of PR electronics contains a number of special functions that are listed below. Click on “Download Center” for access to download of manuals, data sheets and declarations of conformity.

  • 2224 Valve controller, proportional valve control, analogue
  • 2261 mV transmitter, load cell amplifier, mV amplifier
  • 2281 Ramp generator, up-down ramp control, position transmitter via 2-phase encoder
  • 2286 Signal controller, on/off PID controller, comparison of signals, leakage surveillance, external setpoint
  • 2289 Signal calculator Analogue PID controller, analogue multiplexer, arithmetical oper. +, -, *, /,n√x, x n; peak measurement
  • 3532 Valve position transmitter, position transmitter for e.g. valves
  • 5115 Signal calculator, redundancy measurement, arithmetical operations +,-,’,/; duplication of input signal
  • 5343 2-wire level transmitter, level transmitter for ohmic level sensors, transmitter for potentiometers up to 100 kOhm

In the process industry extremely precise measurement of tank levels and subsequent signal transmission are required at all times. Signal precision is the key word for safety due to the often aggressive and valuable media controlled by the tank sensor. PR electronics’ level transmitter 5343 solves the multifarious tasks.

PRetop 5343 

  • A 2-wire level transmitter for Ohmic level sensors with a uniquely high input resistance of 100 kW and a 4…20 mA output signal.
  • For DIN form B sensor head mounting.
  • Configuration of input and output, sensor error detection and process calibration is carried out by means of the PC program PRelevel.
  • The calibration function makes it easy for manufacturers of level sensors and end users to adapt the transmitter to the concrete level sensor PRetop 5343 is available for both standard and I.S. applications.
loop link 5905a

Loop Link 5905A – RS232

loop link 5909

Loop Link 5909 – USB


4501 – Display / programming front

Loop Link 5905

Loop Link is a battery-operated communications interface, which is connected to the RS232 port of the PC by way of a standard RS232 cable / plug. Two cables for connection to the PR module are included: One for the PRetop transmitters and one for PRetrans and PReview units.

Loop Link 5909

Loop Link 5909 is a USB communications interface for configuration and monitoring of PR electronics’ PC-programmable modules. PR modules available in the configuration program PReset ver. 5.0 or higher, can be programmed by way of Loop Link 5909.

Display front 4501

Communications interface with front keys for modification of operational parameters in the 4000 and 9000 series. The scrolling help text in the display is available in 7 languages and guides the user effortlessly through all the configuration steps. The 4501 is easily moved from one module to another whereby the configuration can be copied to other modules of the same type. When mounted in the process, the 4501 displays process data and module status.