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Enerac, located in Westbury, NY is the leading manufacturer of portable emission and combustion analyzers in the world. Thirty two years of experience in measuring combustion efficiency and monitoring emissions have given rise to our smallest, most advanced instruments ever.

Our most recent products are models M500 and M700 fully customizable.

Enerac M500







Enerac M700


Enerac is the leading manufacturer of portable emission and combustion analyzers in the world. The company introduced the model 842 in 1979. This was the first automated combustion efficiency analyzer ever built.

In 1987 it introduced the Model 2000, the first combustion analyzer with emission measurement capabilities. Following the success of the Model 2000, an innovative proprietary conditioning system was added introduced as the Model 2000E, for accurate measurements of nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions based on electrochemical sensor technology.

After a five year joint development effort with City Technology Co., the largest independent manufacturer of electrochemical sensors, Enerac developed a new series of electrochemical sensors, under the name of SEM Sensors, that it introduced in its latest portable emission analyzer, the Model 3000. The Model 3000 is the only portable emission analyzer in the world that meets the EPA’s new CTM-22 specifications for NOX measurements by portable emission analyzers.


The Enerac 500 Micro-Emission Monitoring System (EMS) is our newest, low cost, emission monitoring system, utilizing standard electrochemical sensors. It is designed to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. It is easy to use, comprehensive (CO-NO-NO2-SO2-O2-Combustibles-Stack Draft Temperature), and flexible.m500 2

  • A micro-sized Combustion-Efficiency computer and Emissions-Monitoring System
  • Thermo-electric Cooler (condensation system for removal of water-vapor)
  • Powered by 4xAA Rechargeable batteries (4-6 hours)
  • Built-in Thermal Printer: 2″ Character-type
  • Our Enercom 2000 Windows software included
  • Bluetooth Wireless (optional)

Equally at home with a simple combustion test, as with the monitoring of more sophisticated emission reduction systems, it is designed to provide years of trouble-free service. The Enerac 500 EMS is flexible enough to be tailored to meet your specific monitoring needs, yet simple enough to be completely maintained in the field. Rugged construction and an impressive array of options are its hallmarks. Designed as a field workhorse, and using common software, its data can even be integrated and compared with data from Enerac’s advanced line of SEM based Compliance Level Emission Monitors.

The Enerac 500 EMS can provide comprehensive emissions data (grams/brake-hp-hr), advanced data management (Enercom for Windows), serial modem two-way communications and factory support. From Low NOx burners (0.1 ppm SEM NOx resolution) to large rich-burn engines (5000 ppm NO/20,000 ppm CO), the Enerac 500 EMS is designed to help you meet your changing monitoring needs at an affordable price.


The Enerac 500 is designed for years of trouble-free service. Housed in a rugged Aluminum case, its modular design allows most users the ability to replace a battery, a sensor, in a matter of seconds. Reducing both downtime and costs.

  • Trouble-free operation
  • Heavy Aluminum Case
  • Simple Modular Design
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Best Support in the industry


The Enerac 500 EMS provides an extensive range of data management, and support options. It not only (automatically) performs complicated emission calculations, and can even allow the user the ability to identify specific data sets with a specific customer, dramatically reducing retrieval and processing costs.
Enerac 500 EMS is compatible with Enerac’s advanced Enercom for Windows ™ software.
All parameters can be continuously displayed; Minimum, Maximum, Averages and Standard Deviations calculated; Multiple plots and graphs can be viewed or printed. With the Enercom software, data management and report writing is now a snap.

Enerac’s unique two-way factory communications means you are never alone. With the Enerac 500 EMS, help is never more than a phone call away. This feature has even been used by our customers to enhance their own customer support activities in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • Meets your every need.
  • Basic NO Analyzer
  • Comprehensive Emissions Monitor
  • Advanced Data Management
  • Two Way Factory Communications


With all these capabilities the Enerac 500 EMS is surprisingly affordable.

  • Pays for Itself.
  • Buy only what you need.
  • Reduce Testing Costs.
  • Reduce Energy Costs.
  • Improve the Bottom Line

In a world of downsizing, and increasing workloads, the Enerac 500 EMS can help you simplify your job. With a broad array of available options, the Enerac 500 EMS will provide you with the capabilities you need, when you need them, and in budget.


  • 9″ Probe with 10′ Viton Line
  • Extended probes and longer lines available
  • Optional Water Trap
  • For combustion applications – Standard Thermoelectric Cooler
  • For high water-vapor, or emissions applications.


Emissions Testing for: Engine Applications, Heat Treatment

m700 2

The Enerac 700 Micro-Emission Monitoring System is our newest, emission monitoring system, utilizing advance SEM electrochemical sensors and a 3-channel NDIR (Non-Dispersive InfraRed) bench. It is designed to help you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

As a combustion or emission analyzer, it is unmatched in versatility.

The Enerac 700 is capable of measuring:

Carbon Monoxide
By SEM (e’chemical) Sensor
0-2000 PPM*
Carbon Monoxide
By Infrared (NDIR) Technology
0.00-15.00 %
Carbon Dioxide
By Infrared (NDIR) Technology
0.00-20.00 %
By Infrared (NDIR) Technology
0-20,000 PPM
Nitric Oxide
By SEM (e’chemical) Sensor
0-2000 PPM*
Nitrogen Dioxide
By SEM (e’chemical) Sensor
0-1000 PPM*
Sulfur Dioxide
By SEM (e’chemical) Sensor
0-2000 PPM*
Stack Temperature
By Thermocouple
0-2000 F
Stack Draft
By Pressure Sensor
+10.0 to -40.0 “WC
By Electrochemical Sensor
0.0-25.0 %

*Extended-Range (4x) measurement with built-in dilution system

Advanced SEM

Additionally, the Enerac 700 computes the Combustion Efficiency (0-100%), and the Excess Air of Combustion (0-1000%). It will also automatically compute emissions measurements in 1) milligrams per cubic-meter, 2) grams per brake-horsepower-hour, 3) pounds per million-BTUs, or to any oxygen-reference.

Whether you need to perform simple combustion tests or precise emissions measurements, the Enerac 700 will guide you. On-screen help will assist you in performing tests, storing & retrieving data, even zeroing and calibrating the analyzer.

As always, you need to purchase only the features that you will require. And if your requirements change, ENERAC can upgrade your analyzer, sometimes in the field, with new sensors and options.

Advanced SEM(TM) electrochemical sensor technology meets the EPA’s CTM-022 reference method, and 40CFR75 for mass emission measurements.

Rugged construction and an impressive array of options are hallmarks of the ENERAC analyzers

Enerac 700 System Features (internal) include:

  • Aluminum Case
  • 500 Storage buffers
  • Thermal-Graphic 2″ Printer
  • Serial (RS-232) Port

The Enerac 700 System includes a Thermoelectric Cooler for condensation & removal of water vapor as well as a six-foot sampling line, stack probe, and filters. Enerac has over two decades of experience in desiging sampling systems, as well as analyzers. Our competitors have never been able to match our sampling systems’ efficiency, size, versatility, or effectiveness.

Enercom Software for PC’s with Windows offers real-time monitoring of the Enerac 700. The EnerPalm software option lets you communicate with the Enerac 700 using your Palm and a special serial cable. We even have a package for PocketPC (Windows PDA’s) users