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Neutronics Oxygen Analyzers                             
Model Range Mounting Background Gas
  ppb ppm % Portable Fixed Hazardous Areas N2/CO2           N2/CO2
No Hydrocarbons With
DTX832     X   X   X X*
Oxytron     X   X X X X*
Mini ICS     X   X X X X*
C5     X X     X  
MGT4     X   X X X X*
1100     X   X X X X*
3100   X X   X X X  
4100 X X X   X   X  
5100     X   X   X  
7100   X     X   X  
7100P   X   X     X  
Pure N2   X X X     X  
OA1   X X X     X  
OA1S+ X X X X     X  
* May require sampling components


Neutronics Ambient Gas Monitoring Systems & Accessories:

Model MGT3 – Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector

Model MGT9 – All-in-One Explosion Proof Gas Detector & Controller

Model SCA – All-in-One General Purpose Gas Controller

Model MCA – Multi-Channel Analyzer

Model PGA – Intrinsically Safe Portable Gas Monitor


Technical Bulletins

Emission Control with ICS

Wet Application

Dry Application


Installation Manual for MGT3